CCHE2D Beta 3.28

An integrated package for two-dimensional simulation and analysis of river flows
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CCHE2D is an integrated package for two-dimensional simulation and analysis of river flows, non-uniform sediment transport, morphologic processes, coastal processes, pollutant transport and water quality.
These processes are solved with the depth integrated Reynolds equations, transport equations, sediment sorting equation, bed load and bed deformation equations.

This model is based on Efficient Element Method, a collocation approach of the Weighted Residual Method. Internal hydraulic structures, such as dams, gates and weirs, can be formulated and simulated synchronously with the flow. Dry and wet capability enables one to simulate flows with complex topography with ease.

Three turbulence closure schemes, depth-averaged parabolic, mixing length eddy viscosity models and k- e model, and available. The numerical scheme can handle subcritical, supercritical flows and their transition.

A comprehensive and user-friendly mesh generator is available for generating structured quadrilateral mesh on the background of bed topography and the bed elevation data. A Graphic User Interface (GUI) is also available with detailed manual and documentation. Starting with a computational mesh, the GUI helps users to setup parameters, boundary conditions and to run the simulations and visualize the computational results.

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